Enrolled Agents vs Tax Lawyers

Dealing with tax problems entails a good amount of hard work and stress, which is why it is not advisable to deal with such problems on your own. It requires that you have a fair understanding not only of the taxation process but also of how the IRS operates. Trying to gain such understanding is quite stressful in itself; much more is attempting to apply it to resolve your tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service and get tax relief. The sheer complexity involved in taxation and tax problems is what drives a lot of individual taxpayers and businessmen to approach a tax lawyer for assistance. While it is commendable that these people accept the need to seek assistance with their tax problems, they don’t always ask for help from the right tax relief professional. A tax attorney is not always the best person to seek assistance from when it comes to tax problems. Since it’s not a legal problem, but a tax problem, the IRS and State simply wants to know when your delinquent tax returns are going to be filed and when & how your taxes are going to be paid. What you need is a professional advocate who has the knowledge of the enforcement and collection procedures of the IRS, the State Franchise Tax Board and who has the specialized experience to effectively resolve these tax issues in your best interest.

Profile of the tax attorney

This is not to say that tax lawyers are not suitable for any kind of tax problems. If you are being accused of criminal matter, tax evasion, tax fraud, or any other serious tax related crimes, then a tax lawyer is your best bet for defense. Tax lawyers are also the best people to seek help from if you or your company wishes to sue the IRS for any wrongdoing.

What exactly is a tax lawyer? Tax attorneys are attorneys-at-law who specialize in tax and tax related laws. They, like other kinds of practicing lawyers, holds a Juris Doctor degree and have passed the bar exam provided by the state where they hold practice. Aside from standing as counsel on your defense, a tax lawyer can also perform other functions such as provide tax advice and assist in tax preparation. There are, however, certain limitations to what a tax attorney can do for you. For one, tax lawyers are only allowed to practice in the state where their licenses were issued. Also, tax lawyers are not guaranteed to have a broad understanding of how the IRS operates – what a tax attorney can promise for certain is only understanding of tax laws of his respective state and the federal government.

Then again, you can by all means still hire a tax lawyer to help you with your tax problem. This move makes perfect sense if you are a big corporation or a rich individual taxpayer who would not miss paying upwards of $500 (and possibly much more) per hour plus all other costs – because that is how much good tax attorneys charge nowadays.

The more reasonable and appropriate option

In the case of the majority of individual taxpayers and businesses who have more plans for their hard earned funds than on spending them on extremely high attorney fees, there are other tax professionals that can provide the same or even better service than tax lawyers. On top of this list are Enrolled Agents; they are your professional tax advocates. Enrolled Agents are tax professionals certified by the IRS to represent clients in tax proceedings, hearings, audits, appeals and other tax related scenarios. By a far cry, Enrolled Agents are the best type of tax processionals that individual taxpayers and corporations can approach for assistance with tax relief and tax problem resolution. This is because Enrolled Agents have the most extensive experience when it comes to dealing with the IRS and like attorneys, are knowledgeable with even the most complex of tax laws. So, the next time you are faced with any tax problem, save yourself from worry, complications, and high cost by choosing a qualified and experienced Enrolled Agent that specializes in tax relief and tax problem resolution to assist you.